The Star Betelgeuse

Behold Betelgeuse, a celestial giant that holds the enigmatic title of being one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye. This stellar behemoth is not just large; it's colossal, boasting dimensions that are about 700 times the size of our humble Sun.

Its mass too, is a staggering spectacle, weighing in at around 15 times that of the Sun. The sheer size of Betelgeuse is a cosmic wonder that stretches the imagination.

If we were to embark on a fantastical journey of swapping our Sun with Betelgeuse, the star's grandiose expanse would extend all the way past the orbit of Jupiter, enveloping the inner planets in its fiery embrace. This whimsical thought experiment unveils the true scale of Betelgeuse's grandeur, a star that doesn't just inhabit our night sky, but dominates it, reigning as a celestial titan in the vast cosmic theater.